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22 February 2020 @ 02:07 am
romance is in the air: a log  
Just because I like to keep these things documented:

A history of Jo Grant and Liz Shaw's relationship at brb_gallifrey 

A first meeting: getting off to an auspicious start- a round of insults about sexism and lying down to the Doctor's orders.

Brief words are exchanged about the Master.

The UNIT Inaugural Ball: Things are innocuous enough... until Liz decides to seduce Jo.  Jo is taken rather by surprise by this development, but rolls with the punches, so to speak.

The Eye of Orion: Positive ions make for laid back conversation.

The Second Annual Sleepover at Tekker's... Abode:  Liz disdains spin the bottle, so the muns decide to get her high instead.  Whoops.

The Orionids Meteor Shower: In which a date isn't quite a date, and Liz shows Jo the Pleiades.

UNIT'S Autumn Fair: In which the Brigadier knows about Jo and Liz.  Jo is mortified, and an awkward discussion about the nature of their relationship ensues.

Opposite Day: Mind-altering chemicals do the damndest things.  No threading actually ensued here, but I'm sure you can imagine the rest.

UNIT Hallowe'en Soiree: Sex in a wardrobe.  That's pretty much all that needs saying.

UNIT Christmas Party: Liz and Jo mock the Brigadier, and exchange gifts.

And enter Zagreus: If there's one way to mess up a functional thing, it's a bit of mindrape.  The first seeds of discord are planted in poor Jo's head.

John Smith's New Year's Party:  Liz sees Jo for the first time since the whole Zagreus thing.  Jo's been missing for days, and has gone quite cracked.

The Rescue Post: It's been weeks this time.  The Brigadier and Liz finally capture Jo and find a Doctor to try and set her mind right.

Paris When it Sizzles: A romantic holiday in Paris after Jo recovers.  There are aliens.  Of course there are bloody aliens.